Hydronic Heater Heat Problems Video



Kung Fu Maintenance passes through some of the most common hydronic heater heat problems to get and keep heating working.

Hydronic Heater Heat Problems

For heat use what you want to do is turn both of these handles so that they’re in line with the pipes. Perpendicular so you can hear the water start to cycle through. What you’ll feel is you’ll feel the line start to get really hot. This one’s getting hot already. You also want to look and check for any leaks or anything funky going on.

One common problem with hydronic heater units. Not this particular set up. Different set ups will have a purge line where you hook up a hose to it usually inside the air handler you will hook up a hose and run it to a bathtub. You need to purge the air from the line by opening up what is called a gate valve. You’ll undo the twisty twister to open the gate valve. One tip with gate valves you don’t really want to cinch them open or cinch them closed when you close a gate valve. You want to close it gently. When you open it you don’t want to open it really tight towards the end. You want to kind of leave it especially on water heaters. That will help prevent the gate portion from sticking inside the valve.

One common problem with hydronic heater units that have a circulation pump at the hydronic heater unit especially units that are in the ceiling is there is a little cylinder pump motor and that pump motor often gets jammed. A little rock or something gets stuck and what you can do is just tap on that if it gets stuck go ahead and either tap on it you know either with your palm like so and tap on the valve itself or just lightly with either a rubber mallet or kind of the rubber back of a screwdriver and just tap it. Allot of times you will hear it just free up whir and than cycle through, cycle the hot water properly.

Those are kind of a common problem with hydronic heater units in addition to occasionally needing to be purged. My particular system is on a boiler system and a recirc pump and I can purge air at the recirc pump but mostly usually not needed on my particular set up but each set up is a little bit different. Has it’s own little quirks. Usually around the beginning of the heating season you’ll get all your no heat calls. Either needing to know how to turn the valves on like this one or how to purge the air to keep the unit heating.

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