Hydronic Heater Not Heating Bleeding Water To Purge Trapped Air Video

So every once in awhile if you have a hydronic system you may get a no heat call and that’s what I’ve got today

What happened is I just had a repair done to one of the main lines done the other day and you get air trapped in the lines and it will get trapped in the hydronic lines so it will have this huge amount of air and it is not moving water through

Some systems will have a purge port inside your air handler and there will be a gate valve or a purge port that you can hook up a hose to and drain the line on my particular units I don’t have those I just have drain lines at the main of each boiler

Hydronic Heater Purge

Hydronic Heater Purge

This is where I can purge the lines from Now some systems are notorious for this Mine is not too bad Although my deal is kind of stuck here Anyway it wasn’t real hot when it first came out

It won’t take long till it is steaming now so Anyways just going to drain this out to purge any air from the line and that will restore things back to normal and keep the hot water moving

The hydronic unit uses hot water through the coils in order to bring heat into the unit So it is sort of tricky You might think How would hot water How would the air get stuck up in a loop but what happens if it is high up and water is able to drain through at lower areas sometimes there will be an air bubble trapped in a high area and it will just be a matter of cycling it through so that is what I am doing today I am just going to be opening these lines and try to purge any air from those higher lines just by letting it run for awhile and for my systems this doesn’t happen too often but for some systems this is just a regular maintenance item

Purging the lines Often that happens at the air handler or often it is needed to be purged at the air handler Maybe run a hose to a bucket or to a tub and drain the line hydronic line to get the air bubble worked out and get the hydronic heater going again

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