Incomplete Rotation For Vertical Blinds Repair Video

Kung Fu Maintenance shows self aligning vertical blinds getting incomplete rotation easy diy repair video #diy.

Incomplete Rotation

OK. Today I got some blinds that I am just not getting a good rotation when I try to rotate it back this other way. Things are not lining up. Let me show you. It is a good chance of what is going on here is that these are just turned the wrong way.

I’m going to do a one finger push at the top corner. Turn these all the other way and than we will see if we get a better rotation. A lot of times that’s what happens is that these just get stacked up the wrong way. And now we’ve got full rotation.

Vertical Blinds Incomplete Rotation

Vertical Blinds Incomplete Rotation

This particular style is a self aligning head rail. Looks like I am just missing a couple of slats here and now it is back in business. Good to go.

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