Indoor Fan Not Turning On Heat AC Video

Kung Fu Maintenance shows most often cause for air conditioner heater HVAC indoor fan blower motor not turning on video.

Indoor Fan Not Turning On Heat AC

OK so what’s happening here is we got a defective switch. This is a service door switch that is a safety so that when you open the service door the indoor fan unit turns off. Problem is it is not engaging properly. A lot of times pushing on this left side will turn it on. On this one it didn’t do that and so taking the door off here. When I went ahead and push it. It worked the first time but not the second time. Just kind of a faulty switch. It has two wires that go to the back and the switch just bridges the connection for both of those wires. So you can either put in a new switch just by cutting the two wires and rewiring the new switch or bypass the switch by linking them together. obviously it is better to have an actual door switch because it is a service door safety switch. Although the unit can be unplugged and serviced when it is time to service but it is still better. The little screw there on the left side hex head screw holds the switch on. This is the most often cause when you have an air condition that’s not turning on or a heater blower motor, the indoor fan motor is not turning on.

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