Kitchen Light Lens DIY Bugs Remove Take Down

Kung Fu Maintenance #diy video shows how to take down a kitchen light lens to clean plus reset after cleaning.


Got some bugs in the light lens and these are special cut light lenses. They don’t come cut to the correct size but. I wanted to show you how you can take these down for cleaning or how you could remove the bugs.

Basically what you want to do is lift up on two sides at the same time. Curve it up and than tilt it out. So I will show you how you can do that. When you curve it up you are going to move it back this way and drop the front part through this way without dropping the whole lens. Basically you are using both of your hands like so. Lift up so that it curves up and than dip it through the front and you are free. Once you take out the lens you can clean out all the bugs. If it is just one bug sometimes you can kind of shake them out like so. If the whole thing needs to be cleaned you can scrub this off and do what you got to do.

Putting it back is just as easy. See if I can get these little marks off here. This one actually has some stuff on the front there. It looks like we got one little doodad here. I am just going to kind of use my tool here. It looks like a piece of paint or something. I will go ahead and get that right on out of there. There we go. And now we’re ready to put it back.

Putting it back is the same you just got to tilt it up and in. Like so. OK I did it backwards. Showed you the wrong way. OK so what you want to do is tilt it up and than put it up into this side first so that you can go up and over the other lens. Than tilt it back into your track. Set it in place. Doing it all carefully so that nothing, just in case it is cut smaller but anyway.

Good to go there. Nice and clean. You can do the next one. :0)

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