Knockout Appliance Wiring Feed Anchors Video

Kung Fu Maintenance shows cord anchors for appliance wiring knockout pass throughs.

Knockout Appliance Wiring Feed Anchors

OK. Here’s what we want for the cords when we are passing these through for appliances. For this particular one we drill a half inch hole. This part clamps on the cord and the cord gets passed through and you drill your half inch hole. Pass this through the appliance. Tighten the nut on and good to go. This just keeps the cord from rubbing against the sharp edges of any sheet metal that’s been drilled through, It also anchors the cord in place so that it won’t get pulled out. Most appliances such as dishwashers and garbage disposers will have a predrilled knockout and you’ll just want to use one of these to pass through. If you are not reusing the old cords. Sometimes you can reuse the old cord if it is in good shape having no breaks in the insulation. This is what you would add to a new cord or a new pig tail to make it safer and to anchor the cord in place.

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