Laundry Washing Machine Clogged Stops On A Dime Repair Video

Kung Fu Maintenance shows laundry washing machine stopped on a dime will not drain water draining slowly repair video.

Laundry Washing Machine Clogged Stops On A Dime Repair Video

So I had a clog on this particular washing machine. You may want to watch my video on how to take off the washing machine lid and access panel.

That hose you saw back there I was able to vacuum out the water from that particular port. That’s a nice easy way to prevent all that water from spilling on to your floor. The other way you can do it is to vacuum from the drain line hose itself. Either way. But sometimes it is just easier to vacuum from where I showed you. You also want to plug the machine or have the machine turned off while you are working on it. You can turn it off at the breaker. The hoses have a couple clamps. It’s not real clear for you to see here but there is two hose ports that hook onto the pump here. This little impeller pump and basically just squeeze those clamps. Pull the hoses off. The bottom hose is a goes into a smaller diameter and that’s usually where stuff hangs up. Either a coin or a bobby pin or something along those lines will go down the drain.

So this one I was able to slip it off. It can be really tricky getting inside there because it is tight quarters. Also it’s all sheet metal all around so you want to be really careful there because it’s very sharp. It’s very easy to cut your arms. Vacuum back here. So vacuumed from the top end first. Found this bobby pin and now I am going to try to reuse it to pull the coin out because I can feel the coin back there. So just going to bend this into a little hook. Hopefully I can insert that in the drain hose and pull out the coin. That’s going to be what I attempt to do.

I was able to get behind the coin. Now the question is being able to pull it out. Use my pliers here. Oh darn it. Oh I got it. Here it is. All that trouble over a dime. That’s what was clogging the drain line. There is even a bit more debris behind it. Back there. There we go. Put it all back together. Good to go.

You might check my other video Five Most Common Problems With Washing Machines for more details on problems with washing machines. Also it’s a good idea to check the impeller for any other coins I show it a little bit more. It’s not super clear in my video Frustration Over A Lost Penny where I show a pump that was clogged with a penny and take apart the impeller or take off the impeller and look deeper in there for anything else. Which is a good idea. Once you have gone to this point of taking the machine apart. That way you don’t have another clog down the road or if there is a penny or a coin there it doesn’t wear a hole in the side of the impeller. Anyway that was this one. Washing Machine Stopped On A Dime. Good to go.

Laundry Washing Machine Stopped On A Dime

Washing Machine Stopped On A Dime

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