Loose Interior Door Hinges Stripped Repair Video

Kung Fu Maintenance demonstrates how to repair loose stripped interior door hinges.

Loose Interior Door Hinges Stripped Repair

Hello Everybody. Kung Fu Maintenance here. Today what I have to show you is some loose stripped screws here. Now let me try tightening these up but they’re stripped in there. What you can use for these is just some longer screws. These screws here are so short that they’re just not poking into the wood. So let me show you here. It’s got this little tiny screw. Not big enough.

What I have is some two inch drywall screws. They are a little bit different color but I can come back and paint them. What I am going to do is just line up the hinge before I take the other screws out and than just go ahead and feed the new screw in here. You can speed this up with a drill. I don’t have my drill with me I am just going to be doing it by hand. Fast enough. Anyway you can see it definitely tightened it up a lot better. For best results avoid over tightening. OK and now it’s nice and tight. It’s deeper into the wood there. You can even use longer screws if you wanted to. Check if our door closes just like it should. We’re good to go. I’ll just follow that up with some touch up paint. Make it perfect.

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