Lost Manual For Stove Oven Range Where to Find


Kung Fu Maintenance shows lost oven manual where to find hidden wiring diagram info maintenance repair video.

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Uh Oh. You cant find the manual for the stove range or oven. I’m going to show you weher these are most commonly hidden or where you can most often find them. That information is pretty important to have when you need it. When you want to test the resistance on range elements or other information for trouble shooting. So here goes.

So your searching how to do something for your stove. Make a repair or you need a part or you need a model number. You can’t find your manual. It happens you know. It got put away somewhere. It got discarded or you are going to work on a stove and you have some particular technical question. Well pretty cool a lot of these stoves actually have a hidden manual somewhere on the stove.

Some of them they are on the left side. Some of them. This particular one is actually on the right side. There is a little packet back here. Try to see if I can show you. Do you see? Let me switch to put a flash on it. Yeah some of them it’s back here. See you can see it here there is the little envelope and can grab it out. Here is our manual for the stove. On some of the older stoves it is actually underneath the drawer. So you pull out the drawer all the way and than down in the right hand side or left hand side there will b an envelope with the manual. If you just need the model number a lot of times they are here on the face underneath the drawer. This one definitely needs some cleaning. Other times they will be inside. Usually somewhere on the face here. Just depends on the particular model stove. Anyway that is where you could find the model if you needed to. Pretty cool. Good to know. Wiring diagram. All that good stuff usually tucked back and hidden either behind the stove or under the drawer. Good to go. Can get you to know what you need to know. Such as how to calibrate. We’ll its not really calibrate but how to adjust the temperature for an oven but anyway a lot of times that information is in these manuals as well. Of course you just want to put put it back for the next person so they can find it as well.

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