Magic Innards Of Shower Wand Video

Kung Fu Maintenance shows the magic innards of the shower wand.

Magic Innards Of Shower Wand

Alright. Had a shower with a not so magic wand right here break and thought you might be curious to see what’s inside these. Here’s the shower nozzle and this is the shower anchor part and this is what broke right here. So it’s got a plastic hose tube that goes inside of the wand here and the wand deal broke off here. Actually this part goes here and it has got a gasket here. Anyway that’s what broke off here. This deal here goes like that and this hose goes inside there so it’s just a plastic hose vinyl inside the metal and this deal goes here. But that’s it for that one. There is no repairing that. Just changed it out with another one. Good to go. All fixed. Nice and easy but I just thought you might be curious to see what’s actually inside there. Lol. That’s what it is no big deal. I could order a vinyl hose here and replace this here. It’s not really worth it though. Just get a new shower and wand. That’s all. Nice and easy. Good to. That’s the insides.This part I can save. Sometimes these break. They’re plastic so. So just salvage the neck and the other parts and junk the rest.

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