Make Boiler Turn On Off To Check Noise Video

Kung Fu Maintenance demonstrates how to make boiler fire ~ turn on ~ call for heat ~ to check HVAC noises.


Make Boiler Turn On


OK. Got what I think is a noisy pump here and I need to make it turn on. So what I am going to do is turn the tank stat up for just a little bit here. Than I will turn it back down once I am finished. There it goes. It clicked and you can see it called for heat.

The boiler it fired and it is not noisy. So that is not where my noise is coming from. Sounds alright there. I will show you on the front of the boiler that it is a call for heat. Turn this spa off so we can hear it a little better. See right here. Call for heat. On the other boiler also firing. Anyway got a two stage boiler system. Both firing. Both nice and quiet. Other than the sirens. It wasn’t me.

Anyway everything is nice and quiet like it should be. So I will go ahead and turn that tank stat down and that should turn it off. That is showing how I could turn the unit on. System on to be able to check it. Now I will go ahead and turn it back down. There we go. And this actually has a setting pretty much at it’s lowest setting so that you won’t go below that. That’s usually the ideal setting there. Keep your water temperature below 125 degrees so no one gets scalded.

That all turned off there. It had a little random noise right when it turned off. Very minor. Turn it back on and than turn it off again. There’s the click. There’s the heater. Boiler. And now I will turn it back off. Now it clicked off. There it is. Little tiny bit of sound there. That’s not bad there. Alright anyway that’s how to turn the unit on and off if you needed to check it.

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