Mechanical Timer Plus Time Check Video

Kung Fu Maintenance shows mechanical timer time check for pool plus spa lights maintenance video.

Mechanical Timer Plus Time Check Video

OK. So today I am checking my time clocks to make sure everything is working properly. Back in the back there you can see the rotating gear spinning and that’s working properly. Looks like our time setting is a bit off so gonna be adjusting that up.

It’s actually nine twenty two now. So going to pull this out and rotate it to where it should be. That’s about nine o clock and we’re sitting at about nine twenty two there. So we’re good there. Here is our on timer. Comes on at about eight thirty and off. Goes off at about four am. That sounds about right. So we’re good to go there. All set.

When it gets to the on time the mechanical dog basically pushes the timer over. Turns the light on and when it gets to the off time the off dog pushes it to the off position.

Anyway that’s resetting the mechanical timer. A little bit about mechanical timers. Good to go. If that gear wasn’t spinning back there I would know I maybe need to check for a tripped GFI or for a tripped breaker. Either one. But this one is working good.

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