Microwave Door Sticking Repair Video

Kung Fu Maintenance demonstrates the repair of a sticking microwave door that will not open properly.

Microwave Door Sticking Repair

OK. Got a microwave door here that’s hard to latch. Wanted to show you how to get this going. It’s hard to open. So if I pull on it I can open it. But on this side here is the mechanism and pushing the door here causes it to push up inside here. As you can see it pushes up the bottom one. So basically all I am going to do is spray a little food grade silicone spray right inside that first deal where the lever is. And this will dry and I will clean off both of the peg posts right here and that should restore our microwave to open nice and easy with one push.

The silicone is one hundred percent silicone so it will dry and maintain it’s lube, be safe for use. But you want to let it dry completely before using the microwave again. Anyway that’s how you fix a sticking door. It only takes a little bit to get it going. We’re all fixed here so wait twenty four hours before using it. Good to go.

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