Odd Phenomenon Hall Lights Don’t Light Video

Kung Fu Maintenance shows odd phenomenon hallway lights won’t turn on even with new bulbs.

Odd Phenomenon

So I had an odd one here. Came and turned the lights on. Nothing turns on. This is on the hall lights here. Turn the lights on. Off. Nothing turns on. Checked the breakers here. Everything is fine there. Replaced the lights. Put brand new hall lights in. Turned the light switch. Nothing turned on. Than I came in the kitchen. Turned the lights on. Came back. Flipped this switch down. Than came over here. Flipped this switch up and the lights are working.

So what’s going on there?

Well what it is is these are three way switches. These are special switches and most likely what happened is either this switch here or this switch here. Someone has not put a three way switch in. We’ll see if we can determine which one it is. Turn this one out. Turn this one on and now the switch won’t switch at all. Turn this one out. Turn this one on. Both switches will work and both switches ‘ll work. Now the tricky one is.

Which one is the three way switch?

Anyway I’ll know once I take them apart. That will be the easiest way is to pull it apart and one of them is not a three way switch. Change it out with a three way switch. Things will be back in business. There probably is kind of an easy way to figure out which one is the three way switch and which one is not. I am guessing this one is the three way switch and that this one is not. The other way to kind of tell would be to look for which one is newer. But even that is not easy. I mean they do work but you are only there are going to be times when it’s flipped the wrong way and someone won’t be able to tell why the lights won’t work.

So just kind of an odd problem but they both need a three way switch. You need two three way switches. One on each side. I thought you might be interested to see that.

Odd Phenomenon Hall Lights

Odd Phenomenon Hall Lights

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