Outdoor Dry Bulb How To Test ODDB Video

Kung Fu Maintenance demonstrates how to test the outdoor dry bulb temperature, showing where to measure ODDB for calculating charging air conditioners.

Gearing up to charge up with the Sman3. Got a unit low on freon here. Just took my indoor wet bulb temperature at 64.4. Now I thought I’d show you how to do the dry bulb temperature. This is a really simple one compared to the wet bulb. Here’s the thermocouple here. You just don’t want it in the direct sunlight because that will affect the test here.

Outdoor Dry Bulb How To Test ODDB

Just kind of untangling the wires the best I can here. Anyway plug in the K type connector which gets plugged into T2 for the dry bulb. And than I am just going to clamp this around the side. Run this around to the side over here. Clamp it on just so it’s out of the direct sunlight. I don’t want it to touch the side of the conditioner either. Anyway at least we are out of the direct sunlight now.

Come over here and we can get our reading locked in. OK. So we’re gonna. Remember our wet bulb was sixty four point four. Now we’re wanting our dry bulb temperature. There it is. 102.8 104.9 plenty warm lol. So there is our temperature. 104.5 gonna hit enter. It’s fluctuating around a little bit. Here we go. So now we’re going to want to go over to our outdoor dry bulb and hit enter. Let the probe do the testing as it’s adjusting. Once we got it locked in. Looks like about a hundred.

It’s pretty warm today. First really hot day. Saying it is like ninety two degrees out. Feels like it might be a little warmer than that. The heat is coming. Anyway. Now we are going to lock that in. Just going to hit enter. OK. So indoor wet bulb was sixty four point four. Outdoor dry bulb 104.1.

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