Overflowing Dishwasher Or Water Won’t Fill Repair Video

Kung Fu Maintenance talks about some common causes and repairs for dishwasher overflowing leaks at the front of the appliance or water not filling repair video.

Dishwasher Overflowing

OK. So if your dishwasher was leaking from the front. Right here. You’ve seen water coming down. It is usually this float cup switch so just want to show you. There is usually a Philips screw. Some models don’t have a screw. This one does. I already removed the screw and you can see all this. It is just soap scum built up. It looks worse than it is but anyway I will clean all this out.

Just going to show you how to clean this out. Pretty sure you could figure it out. But anyway I just take a flat blade knife and than just run it around the inside here and get  the worst of it. Get the worst of it off there. It being soap and all you would think it would be pretty easy to clean off but it is not that easy. Could be easier but it is what it is. So anyway I knocked most of it off there. All the rest I am going to clean off with a sponge here.

Clogged Dishwasher Float  Cup Switch Causing Overflowing

Clogged Dishwasher Float Cup Switch Cause Of Overflowing


Usually I will kind of wrap a rag around my knife and than rotate my knife inside there with the rag on it to clean the residue off. Let’s see if I have a rag. I have a sponge. OK I have a rag so that is a little better, Show you this here. Anyway clean this all out. Put everything back together. Test it again on the fill cycle. Make sure it doesn’t leak on the front of the dishwasher. Make sure everything drains properly. And you are all set there. To put your dishwasher back in order and stop the overflowing.

There is one other spot that can cause a leak here and that’s these door gaskets down in these corners here. One and two. One on each side. Occasionally these need to be replaced. I’ve also seen sometimes where someone had like a fork sat in the corner of the dishwasher and that caused a leak but anyway.

If your dishes are coming out spotty what you want to do is add some Jet Dry. You wouldn’t think it has that much of a difference but it really does. Adding jet dry about once every three months. That will keep your dishwasher. It helps the water run off of the dishes a lot better. Sort of like water off of a ducks back. It just allows the water to collect and run off in the proper way so that it is not going to leave a whole bunch of spots on your dishes and your glasses and all that kind of stuff. Anyway that’s a bit about dishwasher maintenance.

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