Peep Hole Door Viewer Replace Video

Kung Fu Maintenance demonstrates how easily you can replace door viewers or peep holes. All that is needed is a new viewer and a coin. Almost any coin will do. Also discusses a nice upgrade in higher degree door viewers such as 190 degree door viewers which give you a wider field of vision to see what is going on outside your front door. Now you can get 290 degree viewers!

Peep Hole Door Viewer Replacement

Today I wanted to show you how to replace a door viewer. You can see this one here. This is a 160 degree door viewer. Door viewers, peep holes, they usually come in two different sizes. Half inch or nine sixteenth inches. The measurement is from here width wise. So it’s half inch wide or nine sixteenth wide. The nine sixteenths one is a little bit wider. The advantage of the nine sixteenth one is you can get 190 degree up to 290 degree viewer and that allows you to see a wider angle. Now this one is just one hundred and sixty degree. Which is sufficient but you know. One nice upgrade is the nine sixteenths. My particular doors happen to be drilled for a half inch. Yes you can drill it for nine sixteenths and than use the wider angle lens but I’m just going to be replacing one today.

The funny thing about these is even the largest size screwdriver really won’t bridge across the deal in order to be able to replace this. Nice thing is there is a really simple fix. You can just use a coin. A quarter fits perfect. You can also use a penny or dime or a nickel. Or even a washer will work good. I find a quarter works about the easiest because it is about the strongest in order to bridge the lead and turn it out. This is real simple. You just turn it out. This is real simple you just turn it out. Once you get it far enough. Hold the other side of the door. Just unspin it. feed the door viewer through on the other side. Than turn it in. It just gets threaded in real simply. Once you need to tighten it than you just use your coin. If you need to hold it with a air of pliers. You usually don’t. The pressure is just enough. You can use your finger or a paper towel and your finger and just some pressure. Tighten it up. Good to go.

Here’s the old peep hole door viewer. You can see the lens was all scratched up there. See you can’t even see through it. Or couldn’t see through it very good anyway. That one’s toast. That’s how to replace door viewers or peep holes.

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