Quick Cover Up For Ugly Refrigerator Wire Shelf Marks Plus Scratches Video

Kung Fu Maintenance demonstrates how to get rid of ugly marks stains chips plus scratches on refrigerator wire shelf food rack shelves.

OK. I got some slightly discolored ugly food racks here.
Chipped off right here along this edge.

I already did it was like about ten of them right here. I already did them but what I have is these little bottles of white appliance touch up paint. Just awesome for stuff like this. Just really really simple to go along and get things cleaned up here. Kind of just real simply. Just makes a difference between it looking super old and super new.

Just the little things that make a big difference. Sometimes stuff doesn’t jump right out at you and say this is what is wrong but there is a subtle impression. Something doesn’t seem right. Sometimes it is loud and blaring what is wrong.

Sometimes not so much. Anyway. There it is. All nice and new. Good to go.

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