Refrigerator Freezer Making Weird Water Dripping Sizzling Noise Video Plus Fridge Sound

Kung Fu Maintenance lets you hear the snapping crackling sizzling popping noise coming from a freezer plus dripping trickling making water noises from a fridge in the defrost cycle.

OK, if you ever hear a sizzling sound like what you’re hearing here coming from your freezer, or a tiny bit of a trickling sound coming from behind the fridge, don’t worry too much. It’s just your defrost cycle. You can here it there. That’s completely normal as long as it goes way. It usually lasts a half hour or less. It’s not a big deal.

Sometimes you’ll hear a little bit of the trickling water, but what it’s doing is it’s melting the frost that forms on the coils a little bit. Over time, [INAUDIBLE] the crackling, sizzling, popping, tiny bit of dripping, dribbling. It’s completely normal.

Refrigerator Freezer

Refrigerator Freezer

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