Refrigerator Stopped Getting Cold ~ What To Look For

00:13 This refrigerator stopped getting cold.
00:15 You can hear the compressor is running.
00:19 You can also hear the first thing to look for is that the fan stopped running
00:25 perhaps the fan is stopped up
00:28 so
00:29 what we need is to take out this rack
00:33 by pressing up here
00:36 slipping this out there are two screws at the back that hold this fan channel in place
00:42 take out the two screws there
00:51 and this is one of the first things to look for when you have a refrigerator that is stopped getting cold
00:56 look for a stopped fan motor first
01:00 now this may not be all that is happening
01:04 lift up the fan channel here and pull it out
01:07 There
01:10 now you can see the fan, that it is spinning too slow
01:14 Normally it would be rotating faster
01:18 Most likely what it is is that it is rubbing
01:23 the fan blade is pressing
01:24 see how it was touching against the back
01:27 that’s the reason it was spinning to slow
01:29 so I’m gonna pull it forward a little more
01:36 it’s safer to
01:39 turn the power off but I am gonna get this over
01:44 There
01:45 I removed the whole fan
01:48 Now press this on and it’s out a bit more and doing as it should. Before it was keeping the air from being able to blow down into the fridge and the freezer wasn’t blowing the air around properly
02:13 on the backside of the fan channel it has some dials for adjustment
02:14 generally you don’t need to change these too much
02:17 but if you desired your freezer to be chillier or needed the freezer to be colder you can change this dial by pulling out and turning that, each model has it’s own types of workings. Ok now that we havethe fridge repaired in theory what we need to look at is
02:34 below the pan to see if any ice is built up which there most likely is and the freezer condensate drain line is most likely plugged
02:40 How we can tell is if there is water dropping
02:43 below here
02:44 which there is so we will need to clean that drain out
02:47 but I’ll leave that to the next vid.

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