Rekey Stupid Smartkey Kwikset Handle Lock

Welcome to the show welcome back to Kung Fu maintenance where I show you how to make the most likely repairs that you’ll need to make in your lifetime if you’d like to get latest videos subscribe and then hit the little bell icon right of the Subscribe button and it will notify you of any new videos when they’re released for you welcome back to confirm maintenance well today I got a smart key that wasn’t so smart it didn’t behave and the key didn’t take and this happen sometimes and it can be really frustrating especially if it’s your last one and you try to finish up a job it’s very frustrating but I have here is a smart key cradle tool that’s used to reset a smart key that went bad well this one it’s jammed there we go okay now with this kind what you do is get under here there’s a lever right here you get under there and lift that lover and then you can pull the Center Post out with a pair of pliers or what not so we push up on that and pull the Center Post out then this prom deal you’ve got to insert it straight down inside to release the deal if you have a second key that works good if you don’t or if you have a second cylinder removal tool you can put it in here and hold that portion up see how it moves that Center portion up and allows you to insert the tool so a second key works good so you can lock it in like that and then push it straight down and release or push out the cylinder that pushes out the back part in this basically pushes these two tabs and let you release them okay so now what we want to do is remove the keeper which is the little metal part now on deadbolts there’s a washer behind that on the handle there is not and then we need to remove the spring clips here that hold the entire cylinder in so there’s a spring clip and now that that’s says remove the whole cylinder so this one now I don’t need the key anymore now this is where you’re going to want to be careful that you don’t separate these two portions because if this comes out which happens very easily then you can lose the little springs and there’s sidepiece that’s kind of tricky me and I can show a show at in the deadbolt re-keying video the smart key cradle tool for deadbolt but this one’s for a handset so smart key rekey for handset what we want to do is line up the little icon of the reeking deal with the arrow so just like this and then line up the cylinder and insert that in there like that and then we’re going to turn the whole deal until the arrow lines up with the line here and maintain pressure and maintain it so it stays like that take are smart key pin and push it all the way in until it collects until it goes in all the way next you’re going to take a key that you want to rekey it to and answer the key no this is where you going to want to be careful you’re going to pull it straight out and just make sure you get the back of it and the whole thing together it’s very easy at this point to pull this out of the cylinder and then it’s a mess okay so that I can turn it to the right 90° and then again just use one finger on the front before pulling out the key or use your other fingers to hold the front before you pull out the key okay now every kid and we going to take it and we’re going to recert it back into our housing okay. Now we’re going to reset insert it into the deal depending on how you wanted the handing at this point because depending on where your lock is that would open it you ideally want this portion down okay so but anyway now you going to take it we’re going to insert the spring clip and then we’re going to insert the keeper it’s important that you insert the keeper because if you don’t it can pull out the center from the spindle and now we’ve successfully rekeyed our lock and from here if you wanted it to it’s the regular smart key rekey procedure suffer this one I’d turn it 90 degrees question the pin full out the old key insert the new key that you want to rekey it to insert the key and now I’ve successfully rekeyed my lock good to go and that’s how you can rekey these not from here this is where you insert it That way with the key portion down and now we are successfully rekeyed find the key that I rekeyed it to and we’re all set our smart key that wasn’t so smart just got a little bit smarter thanks for watching Kung Fu Maintenance over and out that’s the cylinder cradle tool and it’s got instructions on the side and it came with instructions in the bag or the Box all right thanks for watching Kung Fu Maintenance over and out