Remove Plus Replace Vertical Blinds Stems Gears DIY Repair Video

Kung Fu Maintenance goes through the steps on how to remove plus replace vertical blinds stems and comb gears.

Today what I have to show you is how to replace these blind stems. You can see this one here is broken off part of it. So it is not really holding the blinds on properly. What I am going to do is remove the next couple slats. Just to make this a little bit easier to get at.

If the gear back there is bad there is this little comb gear here. You can see that there. This one looks like the gear is actually there. So let me pop this out. I’ll show you here how to replace these. What you do is just pop it over. General pressure it comes right out. See if my gear is in there. It looks like it is in there. There is two ways to replace it if it is not. One is you can take your new blind stem and you can hold the gear right up against it and than insert both of these in there. The other way is to take a pair of pliers and try to push this over in there first and than set your blind stem in there.

My gear stems gear is actually already in there. All we have to do is just pop this in.It just pops in with general pressure, generally speaking that is. If it out of step than we can just pop it over. This one looks like it is out of step by one. So we just grab it and rotate it over.

I should tell you when you are popping these in. Right here this is like unfinished sheet metal so be careful. It is sharp. I’ve donated blood a few times there.

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