Repairing Vertical Blinds Video

Kung Fu Maintenance video shows the repairing of vertical blinds.

Ok. Let’s say you go to open your blinds and… Oh No. Blinds won’t open. Obviously here the first thing to check for is any blind slats being out of step with the other blinds. Mine right here you can see this one is the wrong way. So we can just push it with our finger and reset them the right way. That is the most common fix and what usually happens is the blinds get out of step. Easy fix.

OK here is a little bit bigger problem with the blinds. Let’s say one of your blind slats is completely out of step with the others so that your blinds aren’t working. It’s a matter of moving the blind slat the right way. Now sometimes you can grab it with your fingers. Let me move this out of the way so you can see. Move the valance out of the way here. Anyway. Grab the stem with your fingers. Than turn it so that it is in line. This one was two steps out of the way. Now it is inline. Check to make sure everything works good and we’re done.

Now if it is a little tougher you may have to grab it with a pair of pliers. Take the blind slat off and grab it with a pair of pliers and than pop it over. Turn it over. Than you’re all set.

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