Screen Door Wheels Change Video

Screen Door Wheels Change Vide

Kung Fu Maintenance demonstrates how to remove replace plus install patio slider screen door tension wheels.

OK. Today, I’m going to give you another view of how to change these screen wheels. I’m going to start on top right here. If you use a Phillip’s screw, there’s a tension adjustment screw. Loosening it will loosen up tension on the wheel, so it presses in easier. And tightening it will tighten it up, so it doesn’t press in. So I’m loosening it up now, so it presses nice and easy, presses in.

Now what we need to do, here’s our new wheels and the spring goes down inside down in this portion and the anchor clips on the little peg that’s right here. What you need to do is take your screwdriver and spread those two prongs apart, and press in to remove it. Taking the old one off is fairly easy. Getting the new one on is a little bit tricky; you have to be careful when you’re going to put the new one on. Put your spring down inside like so and when you insert your screwdriver here, and twist, make sure your screwdriver is not in between this portion here, or it will snap the new wheel.

And then, you’ll adjust it up into place, and again, definitely easier said than done here. There we go, we’re on. Now again, it’s easier to put the door on with this loosened up. So you can lift this portion and slide it on to the track, but once you’ve finished putting the door on you can tighten the tension by tightening the tension screw. So now for the other tension roller, we’re going to flip the screen over. And we’ll get the second one here.

Now for this side, this is the back side. It has a gasket here up top. What we can do is pull this gasket back to expose the tension screw here. And now, we can lower the tension down to release the tension. OK, so right here, we can take our Phillip’s screw and lessen the tension on the bar here. And now, we’re ready to insert our new wheel. OK. Again, just insert the thread. Be careful not to be in the portion there of the wheel. And there we go. I got really lucky on that one. Now, we’re ready to put the screen door back on. Now, the screen door is ready for action.

OK, now the screen door is ready to be put back on. The gasket portion goes towards the window. I’ll just lift it up into place. And on the very bottom of the wheels, just use a knife, a flat blade knife, and lift it up onto the track. [inaudible 00:04:45] the front wheel. OK. Now, we can adjust our tension as well as the pivot of the screen door. And we also have adjustments on the top [inaudible 00:05:10] down over here if we need to. That’s how we’re lining up. That’s pretty good there. Nice and even across the whole way of the door. I’ll loosen this just a hair. And some silicone spray won’t hurt either.

The door is hanging up a little bit on the top so I’m going to lift this side up also, adjust the pivot screw here. Give it a little test run. Looks like it’s calling up for some silicone spray, lube it up. And the gasket just gets pressed back into place like so. Here we go. Press the gasket all the way along and making sure now that we’re not coming out of the track at any portion here. It is a little bit at the back so we will raise that up some more.

Accidentally, got it caught in the door so just going to give it a little pressure, while we tighten this tension screw up. And this way, the door won’t hang up on the top of the track. OK. Now, for another test run here. That’s perfect, doing what it should. Now, just make sure everything seats well and it does. Good to go. Nice new screen wheels.

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