Self Align Vertical Blinds DIY Video Fix

How To Get Out Of Step Vertical Blinds That Self Align Back In Line

Kung Fu Maintenance shares how to get vertical blinds that self align back in line repair video.

Don’t try this on regular vertical blinds. Only Self aligning. Watch to the end to see the difference.

OK. Today I got some self aligning vertical blinds with a bunch of slats that are out of step. These are just kind of misaligned with the rest of them. They are not turning in the right order. What you can do with these is go ahead and turn the wand until it starts to click. Keep turning it a few turns past the click.

Just turning it up here just like normal. Go back the other way. Same thing. Back the other way. Now we are good to go. All fixed. We got our full rotation. Now all the blinds are in order. Like they should be. Good to go.

Self Align Left Of Non Aligning Vertical Blinds Right

Self Align Left Of Non Aligning Vertical Blinds Right


Just don’t try that on this type of blinds. It will pop the gear and break the gear. Only on this particular type does that work. Self aligning blinds. On this particular type you have to pop each individual slat over in order to get them in line.

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