Self Aligning Vertical Blinds Gear Stem Replacing Video


Kung Fu Maintenance shows how to replace broken self aligning vertical blinds gear stems that spin in place or won’t rotate.

Self Aligning Vertical Blinds Gear Stem Replacing

These. This particular style you can pop up individual gears. You got to take off this clip here and than you can just press this down and pull the gear out. If you needed to or wanted to replace one in place you could drill a hole through the head rail in the center. And than you can pop your gear up through that center hole. You know just drill a good sized whole and than pop it up. Be careful as your hole will be sharp because it is sheet metal.

If the blinds are in place it might be a little bit trickier cause you will need to push these up pretty hard in order to get it to come up. But you will have to find a creative way to support it and you can give it a good strong tap. Like so, to pop up the old one. Show you another one. Same deal. Not too bad but anyway just a nice. There you go. And that’s how you can pop them right out. If you have this kind of clip on there. You’ll need to remove that clip first. You will need to remove your blind slat first. Drill the hole in the top of your headrail. Pop it on up through. It’s probably a little better with a little mallet or a little hammer. But you get the idea.

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