Shower Handle Replacing Improvement Video

Kung Fu Maintenance demonstrates how easily you can remove and install compression style shower handles to clean or replace for a nice inexpensive upgrade or home improvement.

Replacing Shower Handles

Here goes how to replace some shower handles. What you’re gonna do is remove the index buttons with a flat blade knife. And then remove the handles with a Phillips screwdriver and this is a good time to clean the escutcheon up. And the cold sides always on the right and the hot side on the left. Anyway here is our new handle. And then the index button.

Colds on the right and hots on the left. There is our cold side. And these aren’t to expensive you can order them online you can get them on my website I’ve got some links you can just do a search on and you can get those at Anyway, that’s how to revamp a shower. Replacing these old shower knobs. You can clean these out to. Soak them in like some CLR or something. This is kind of a nice upgrade once in awhile. Surprise.

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