Sim Card Not Registering Emergency Calls Only Cell Phone Repair Video

Sim Card Not Registering Emergency Calls Only Cell Phone Repair Video


OK I got my phone here and thought I would show you a nice easy fix that I was able to do on my phone. It was showing here that the sim card wasn’t registering. The battery is kind of low now. I could not get the simm card to register no matter what I did until I did this. What I was able to do is right here you can see where the sim card goes. What I had to do was take a piece of o business card. So I popped the battery out. What I realized. What my suspicion was was the sim card was not making a good contact here. So here is the sim card so what I did is take a piece of a business card and trim it to fit and than slide that in there behind it.


Now I will show you here let’s see if it is doing the same thing. It will take a minute to boot up but I will show you the battery here and I will just edit the video a little bit to speed things up so you can actually see it since it will take a while for it to load. OK so here is what it was doing. See how it says insert Metro Pcs sim emergency calls only. So what I found is. I was able to power the phone off and take a little piece of a business card and just by inserting this behind the card. I may have to pull the battery out but anyway. Got you know it’s a nice thick laminated business card here and just slide it in there behind. What it does is it puts just enough little bit more pressure on that sim card there.


Put our battery back in. Now I’ll fire it up and again it will take a minute for it to fire up so I will just edit the video. Come back to it once it fires up. I will show you. Ok still waiting for it to click over should be any second here there it goes. Preparing internal memory. So we have got our business card in there. See it’s Preparing the SD card. And it looks like we are all set there. Now I am back in. Scanning media files. Scanning SD card media files. Updating google play books. Good to go. See. No problem with the sim card and now I can go ahead and put my cover back on the back. Phone is back to normal and even if it is bumped or whatever the Sd card is not going anywhere. Not blanking out on me. So now I can use the phone again the way it should be.


So that’s how I was able to fix my phone here. This one is a esteem but I suspect this would work for other phones having the same problem when it is not recognizing the Sim card all of a sudden. Or the sim card is not registering. Making the contact a little bit better there is whatt fixed mine. Hopefully it will work for yours. Good to go.

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