Sound Of Refrigerant Tank Hose Leak Video


Kung Fu Maintenance demonstrates how to recognize the sound of a refrigerant hose leak when you purge to charge an air conditioner low on freon or gas.

Sound Of Refrigerant Tank Hose Leak

OK. So if you’re going to purge.and you hear a funny sound. Like that. Sound like that. It means that one of your hoses is not tight enough. On this one it’s this hose here. Gonna make sure we tighten this down enough but anyway if you hear a high pitched squealing like that. It means that your hose there is not tight enough. Now you can hear it is nice and clear. Just want you to be aware of that because you don’t want to get air in the line and if your hearing a sound like that it is because it is also letting the air get past somewhere and usually it’s right there at the can of refrigerant. Just a quick little pointer.

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