Spouts Replacing Tub Spout Video


The Kung Fu Maintenance Series continues. A video a day to keep (vampires) expensive repair bills away. Today’s video shows how to replace tub spouts without leaving vampire teeth bite marks on the new fixture.

Different Types Of Tub Spouts

There is a few different types of tub spouts. There is the threaded on kind and than there is also the push on type. This particular one is the threaded on type. You can see this one is pretty scratched up. they also sell these spacers which I ordered but it hasn’t gotten here yet. So i need to get this done and over with today.

If you are going to use a tool on this you want to wrap your jaws really good to protect your new finish on your new tub spout. So anyway this one. There is also another way to do this. You can stick your tool inside here and rotate it that way or a screw driver. I find usually I am just using my old channel locks here. Also a strap wrench will work good for this.

OK. Now That we’ve loosened it we can just unthread it. So than you want to wrap teflon tape around your threads leaving the first one or two threads free and go three or four turns. You can see this one has some old teflon tape on there.

My stomachs growling. Probably going to come across in the video. Cause I am hungry. The easy way to use the teflon tape is to start it at the back of the roll and than hold your finger over one part and once you get it started than you can just roll your roll around. It’s pretty easy there. Anyway on this one I am going to go about five or six turns around to make sure. Again skipping the first one or two threads. OK and now we are going to spin our new tub spout on being careful not to get it cross threaded. Most of it we are going to turn by hand and once it is tight than we can rotate the rest in.

Two Ways To Remove Plus Replace Tub Spouts

There is two ways to do this. Use your screwdriver in the front like so and rotate it over. Or you can use your channel locks. I am going to do the channel lock method. Almost there. OK. One more little turn. Now unfortunately there is a large gap here. I got a piece coming that can go over that. So for temporary I think I am going to tape it up with this roll of caulking stuff that I have. Just to make it look better for now and than once the part comes in I can rechange this out.

But anyway that is how to replace a tub spout. Most of them you don’t have this problem. Usually they seat up against here nicely. It is probably just the threaded nipple someone bought was too long. Anyway. that’s how to change out a tub spout. Oh, now we should leak test it. Open it up. And this is really easy to see when it’s like this. If it was leaking the water would be pouring out back here. Which it’s not so we’re all set there. One nice new tub spout. And at least for now that will cover the gap so. Until I can get the other stuff for there. OK. There we go. Nice and new.

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