Stackable Laundry Center Getting Inside Control Panels Video



How to get into stackable Laundry Center control panels.

Stackable Laundry Center Getting Inside Control Panels

OK. When you need to get into these types of stackable laundry machines pretty much all of them have a spring release mechanism here on the bottom. See right here. What you do is grab it with a pair of pliers. Pull it down and than tilt the lid forward a little bit. Than do the exact same thing on the other side and this will allow the control panel to be flipped down. As you can see. This one I have got to replace the timer so I have got the new timer there but anyway. That’s how you can get into the panels and to reset them you just pull that little deal back down again. And that actually pulls this down. Right here this little arm here to go underneath here and latch into place and just do it gently. Pull it down first. Don’t try to push it closed without pulling the spring down. Otherwise it will bend this piece and you will have a mess trying to get it back together. Anyway.

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