Stripped Screw Heads Bolts Nuts Trick Tip Take Out Video


Kung Fu Maintenance shows trick tip for removing stripped screw heads repair maintenance video.


Today I got a tip from a mechanic. A helicopter mechanic in the army. How to remove a stripped screw.

You will want to make sure to clean off all the residue after making the repair because the mixing of chemicals (this with dishwasher soap) or product can be dangerous and or corrosive to plastics.

Okay today I have got stripped screw and I have got a dishwasher spring and I can’t get the screw out. Well maybe I can. This one. The screw is just stripped. Try my drill and it is not coming. I wanted to show you an old trick a guy that was a helicopter pilot in the army showed me. So this is a good army trick. What you want to use is some Ajax or Comet and going to get the tip of my screwdriver wet and than just dip it in the Ajax. Okay I am just going to dip it in the Ajax. It is going to coat the tip of the screwdriver and we are going to insert that into the hole. Than we will be able to twist the screw out no problem.

This was an old helicopter mechanic trick. So anyway now I can replace the stripped screw with a worthy screw and be done with it. But I thought you might like to know that trick. What the Ajax or Comet does is it fills in the voids in between the spaces and gives enough gripping power to grip the screw so that you can take it out.

So thanks to my friend from the Army who gave me that trick. I hope it helps you out someday. Useful in a lot of situations when you have got a stripped screw that you can’t get out.

This one is for a dishwasher spring so you can check out my video on that on how to fix a dishwasher soap dish that is not closing. Just all I had to do was reset the spring.

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