Swapping Door Locks To Change Keys

Kung Fu Maintenance shows how easily swapping, replacing, or changing door lock handles to change locks or keys quickly can be.

Swapping Door Locks

Today I am going to show you how easy it is to change these locks. These have kind of a quick nice and easy feature in how they slip together. So let me show you here. You can see the slots in the back of this here. What you do is line up your post hole. You can turn it so that it slides in and than this slips into place. Than you are able to tighten the screws through here. So it is just a quick deal to get it going. So here it is on the door itself. Taking off the old lock. All we have to do is loosen up the screws on both sides. Than rotate it and pull the old one out. On the new one we will just pass it through our holes. Like so and rotate in the new deal. Tighten the screws down on both sides. And we are all set there. Ready to go. Now one of the most common causes of sticking locks is if your screws are too tight. So if you see your post is sticking that would be one of the first things to check. Either these two screws or these two screws may be too tight so. Make sure our deal closes properly and we are all set there. Good to go.

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