Strategy Swimming Pool Cleaning Video

Kung Fu Maintenance explains his brushing strategy for maintaining swimming pools and spas. Original music vid mix by Kung Fu Maintenance.

Strategy Swimming Pool Cleaning

This is a strategy for keeping your pool clean. You want to net out all the big stuff first and brush your pool at least once a week. That’ll keep algae from growing and forming on the sides of your pool as long as all your chemicals are maintained properly. You want to start with the top of your stairs going from the top to the bottom. Brushing that all off and than right up against the inside corner of the bottom step.

Your going to want to sweep the dust and debris away from the edges. Like I said netting everything out first will make this a lot easier. So all that’s left is the dirt and stuff that will settle to the bottom. Than you are going to want to push as much of the debris as afar as you can. AS you can reach with your pole towards the main drains and than you will be able to use your main drains like a central vacuum unit. You can push all the dirt right into those main drains.

If you need more suction power at your main drains you can close off your anti cavitation devices at your skimmer baskets. That way you’ll have more suction power. It will pull more at the main drains. Than you are going to brush the entire pool shell. Again brushing everything towards the main drains. This is a strategy to minimize vacuuming. If need be you can follow this up with vacuuming. This is a way of maintaining it and getting most of it out. Whatever settles left you can detail with your pool vacuum. Again this strategy keeps algae from forming on the shell of your pool as long as your chemicals are maintained properly.


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