Taking Off Doors Resetting A Door Video

Kung Fu Maintenance shows taking off doors plus resetting a door.

Taking Off Doors

So here’s just a quick way to remove a door if you need to. Say if your putting in new carpet or what not. You can take like a screw or a nail anything flat and just tap it on up until it is loose enough and than you will be able to pull it on out. You can also use a pair of strong pliers to get up under there. Pull it up if you need to. But most of the time once it is up there far enough it usually enough to just pull it the rest of the way on out there with a pair of pliers. So that’s what I will be doing here. Sometimes just opening the door a little bit will make it a little bit easier. Take the tension off. There we go. And now we will be able to just pull the door right out from in between the leaves. Good to go.

Resetting A Door

Alright so today I have got a door off its hinges. Got the hinges right here. So its just going to be and I have got the door right here to. So I am just going to be resetting the door back on its hinges. No big deal. Anyway. If we need to we can use a wedge or something on the bottom. But I don’t think we will really need to. It should be just a simple matter of sliding the hinges in place. There we go. I won’t even need a hammer can just use the back end of my billy club billyclub screwdriver. We’re good to go. Door’s back on. Make sure everything closes nice and good. We’re good to go. Nice and easy.

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