Taking Out Yellow Mustard Algae Video Swimming Pools Plus Spas

Kung Fu Maintenance explains how to get rid of yellow mustard algae from swimming pool or spa walls and floors.

So if you see yellow mustard algae in your pool first thing you will want to do is [clear all the skimmer baskets first. Than the filter pump baskets and than check the impeller for leaves or obstructions.] check your pump baskets. You can see how packed full this is. It’s gonna be hard for it to move water through there. Reduced flow.

Now I am gonna check the impeller. Make sure there is nothing in there. Clear it all out. Than we will check our chlorine tablets and take a chlorine reading and make sure everything is good there. This reduced flow a lot of times is going to make you get yellow mustard algae.

OK so I got my basket all cleared. What we will want to do is shock the pool. That raises the chlorine levels up over ten parts per million for about fifteen minutes and we will close the pool while that is happening and brush the pool shell real well. It will take a day or so to get rid of it real good. We can brush some of it off now and than come back tomorrow and brush the rest of the mustard algae off and that will take care of it.

OK I have anchored my chlorine feeders down here to make it easier to take off the lids. Sometimes these can be a little tough to take off. This one is pretty easy. Turn the pump off. We can see down in there. There is enough chlorine tablets. I like to put about two twice a week in my feeder for this particular sized pool.

So we have enough chlorine here but the pump just wasn’t pulling enough water through there to keep the chlorine levels up so that is why we got the mustard algae forming on the pool shell. So we will brush that all off. Take care of that. I turned my pump back on. Now I am just bleeding all the air out of the valve here. There we go. Now we can close it off.

When you are checking your chlorine feeders if you have a hard time getting the lid off. You can use like a stick or something as a wedge here to take the lid off. Sometimes I will use my screwdriver. Just bridge it here and turn it off.

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