Telephone Wall Jack Replacing DIY Video

Kung Fu Maintenance shows how to change out tired old telephone wall jack replace outlets repair video.

Telephone Wall Jack Replacing

OK. Today I am replacing some telephone jacks. Switching them to white here. These are really low voltage so the voltage is not really a concern. What you do want to do is mimic your colors on your deals.

Telephone lines come in paired wires. At least the newer ones do. The older wires were read and green and yellow and black would be a pair. So that’s what I will be mimicking today. The red and green. Hooks up to this one my particular yeah it’s green and that’s red. Red, green, yellow, and black. The same way that it is so that’s nice and easy. I have a lot of mine where it was wired backwards where it would be red going to green and green going to red. You know if it has been working for thirty years that way probably better to just mimic exactly what you have got going on. So this one was the correct colors so I am just going to go with that.

Telephone Wall Jack Plate Change

Telephone Wall Jack Plate Change

OK. So we’ve got red here and green here. The wire is really easy to work with. It is also easy to break. It is also easy to trim if you need to. To Take the sheathing off you can actually just use your fingernail. To re strip the wire. It’s really simple here. Here’s the yellow one and there’s the black one. Just definitely want to avoid the wires touching each other. And we are all set there ready to install the cover. Nice and easy.

Going to orient this the correct way. Newer telephone lines use paired colors of wires. So you might have blue and blue and white being one pair. So that would go to green and red. Or you might have orange and orange and white and that would go to yellow and black. So usually your phone line uses one set of those lines. So it might use the blue and the blue and white and that would be your phone line. And than your DSL would use the second paired line which would be like your orange and orange and white.

Probably not quite as many people using phones these days. But maybe some people using DSL and probably still a few people use the phone service. Seems like most people are switching over to cell phones. There we go. Nice new telephone wall plate. I’d say it’s an improvement. Good to go.

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