Thermostat Batteries Change Out How To Video

Kung Fu Maintenance demonstrates how to change out the batteries on most digital air conditioner and heater thermostats.

Removing The Thermostat

Here is how to change the batteries on most thermostats. Most of them have if you look like a tab underneath. Like right here if we just lift this up. That lets us separate the two halves and than we can change the batteries here.

Than when you put it back in place. You will just angle it like so and than press it on. Nice and easy.

Each thermostat is a little bit different. Some of them have double A batteries (AA) some of ’em triple A (AAA), but mostly the same idea here. The spring side goes on the negative and the plus side the nub goes on the positive.

Resetting The Thermostat

Now we are ready. Programmed here. Now see it restored our settings here. Angling it up here and snapping it into place. Now we are ready to go.

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