Tip Top Environment Friendly Painting Video

OK So for now I am done with my primer here. I just wanted to show you my quick little way to keep things from drying out. Rather than rinsing out and having that go into our drainage and rain water what I can do is just take this and slip it back in the bag that the roller came with. Slip it on over like so. Than take a plastic bag. This is a thirteen gallon bag . Works great for this. Just put it inside. Now when I need to paint again everything is ready to go. I don’ have to rinse it out. Again don’t have to put all that stuff down the storm drain and when I am completely finished or if I have another unit to paint. I can continue with that. Once it’s life is gone, I have used it for several units, got longevity out of it, if it starts to come apart, time to just throw the roller away and the paint brush away. No paint going down the drains or going down into the waste water. Good to go. It is a quick little tip for painting. Nice and easy for being able to paint again if you had to come back tomorrow or lunch time. It is a good way, good way to go.

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