Toilet Bolt Won’t Loosen Take Out Video

Kung Fu Maintenance demonstrates the reciprocating saw method for how to remove a frozen stuck tank to bowl toilet bolt by cutting it in half.

Toilet Bolt Won’t Loosen Take Out

OK. If you need to do this method it’s better to use a hacksaw and take out the blade and do it in between but I am going to be using a sawzall today. What we want to do is kind of protect the tank as much as we can because there is a good chance that this will break it if not so this is not really the recommended way. You can try to cushion your tank and bowl as much as possible. Water is turned off at the angle stop and remaining water has been vacuumed from the tank with a wet dry vacuum. In order to get in there we are going to have to get in there right between the tank and bowl right to the toilet bolt. So it’s going to be a tough one. Get ready for some noise. Alright. Deed is done.

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