Toilet Cleaning DIY Tips Video

Kung Fu Maintenance demonstrates toilet cleaning toilets diy tips video and removing stubborn stains from calcium and mineral deposits.

Toilet Cleaning

Today I am cleaning some toilets. What I have done is sprayed my cleaner in there and this is just a regular old bowl brush. Problem is a lot of times this doesn’t come out and for really stubborn stains what you will need is a pumice stone. This one is pretty bad. Most likely going to need the pumice stone treatment. Here is another toilet the same thing. Just very very stained. A lot of stains up underneath.

So this is a very acidic toilet bowl cleaner. Avoid breathing it in. It’ll burn your nostrils. Anyway we will let it sit and do it’s thing. Clean the toilet right up and beyond that sometimes you will need a pumice stone. Pumice stone is a stone it’s like abrasive but it wont scratch the porcelain. Works really good for taking out stubborn stains like you see here. Now I have a lot of calcium and mineral deposits and this really stains the toilet and is very difficult to come off. It’s really going to take like half a bottle of this and just let it sit on there and eat away the stains because these are pretty bad. And that is just what it takes. This stuff will start to smoke and basically just burn those stains right out of there. And we want to get up under the ridge where we can’t see.

Toilet Cleaning DIY Tips

Sometimes you can use an inspection mirror and just look up underneath there to make sure we are actually getting everything and that is what this little second brush is for. Anyway we will let that sit and do it’s thing. OK so this one is cleaning up pretty good. Probably just going to need to let it sit overnight. Let the chemical work in a little bit better. Alright so here is the pumice stone I was telling you about. For these really stubborn stains that is what it takes. It’s a really abrasive stone and it will get these stains out.

What I wanted to show you is once you are finished with the pumice stone one way you can preserve it. Save it for the next job. Is take your glove and just roll your glove over the pumice stone. And now you have preserved it for the next job.

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