Toilet Rocks How To Stop DIY Video


Kung Fu Maintenance shows how to stop toilet rocks. Stopping shaky tipsy toilet from tipping and moving around diy repair video.

How To Stop Toilet Rocks

OK. If you got a rocking toilet. Here is what you need. These are toilet wedges. What you do is push these in and than you can trim them off and than caulk around the base of the toilet.

Irregular Gap Causing Toilet Rocks

Irregular Gap Causing Toilet Rocks

If there is an irregular gap around the toilet you know you set your wax ring and everything occasionally you may need a second wax ring but these are. Here is a different profile. Little smaller one and you can actually use combinations. You can use two of them if you need to and than you just caulk them in place around the base of the toilet. That can get rid of the toilet rocks if you have got a rocking toilet. That’s what you need.

Inserting Toilet Wedge To Stop Toilet From Rocking

Inserting Toilet Wedge To Stop Toilet From Rocking

Toilet Wedges

Alright looks like that got rid of most of the rocking but there is still a little bit left so I am just going to knock the wedge in a little bit further to keep it from rocking. It’s probably a bit safer here to use a rubber mallet something that wouldn’t break the porcelain. Anyway I am just getting it done here today.

This is a good time to tighten down the bolts if needed just snug alternating each side. This one was already tight. Click here to check me vid “How To Replace Water Leaking Toilet Install Bowl Bolt Down Set Up Tank Supply Line Leak Check” For more detailed installation tips.

OK. Now we will just give it the old flush test. Make sure nothing is leaking. We are good to go. Toilet rocks no more.

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