Toilet Seat Loose DIY Repair Video

Kung Fu Maintenance shows how to tighten down a loose toilet seat.

Toilet Seat Loose

OK. What we have here is a pretty common problem of a loose toilet seat. Really simple stuff. Can’t believe I am even making a video about this but OK. I will do it. Just because there might be somebody out there that doesn’t know how to tighten it up. But anyway you just slip these cap parts up so you can gain access to the common screw. Turn this while holding the nut that is under the toilet. Not the most exciting thing to look at but anyway so. Hold the other side with my hand, with one hand and tighten the screw down. Do the same for both sides. Obviously really simple stuff but hey. It is inconvenient when your toilet seats just flying all over the place. Than we just reset these caps here. Very simple. And your done. Toilet seats all nice and tight now.

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