Trim Coming Off Melamine Cabinet Door Edges Peeling

OK sometimes this trim starts to come off on these melamine cabinets.
What I have got is some liquid nails. You can use any number of things for this, silicone, liquid nails works good.

Trim Coming Off Melamine Cabinet Door Edges Peeling

Liquid nails kind of show you a trick with the liquid nails. I used to use this for putting up soap dishes in bathrooms. But anyway. [You can now get these glues on my website where I make a small commission on any items ordered through there] If you stick it on and than you let it fall off and you wait three minutes than when you stick it back on it will stick kind of right away. I used to have to use duck tape to hold the soap dishes on. Than I figured out. It actually tells you on the back of the product. If you stick it on, pop it off, wait three minutes, than you can stick it back on and it will hold nice and strong.

Now I didn’t wait quite three minutes but this isn’t quite as heavy as a soap dish either. I’m going to actually add a bit more glue back to this point. Just squeeze it out along there. Now it’s going to be good. I’m using gloves here, they are disposable gloves. They will work out nice because I can just. when I’m finished, is just unwrap it over the glove. Get rid of it. Nice and easy. That part is being stubborn. Probably because I didn’t wait the three minutes that I was telling you about.

What I am going to do is just find something to maintain a little bit of pressure there. Like that. Especially this part right there. That will work just perfect. Dry in. Good to go. Now you can also use a little piece of tape on these. That works good. A little piece of clear tape around the edge holds it in and hides it. That works good for repairing it. Anyway there we go that will work good. Dry in perfect. Good to go. Alright so here it is. It has been about three hours. Everything is nice and in place there. Good to go.

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