Trimming Down Vertical Blind Slats DIY Video


Kung Fu Maintenance demonstrates two ways for trimming down vertical blind slats to desired length.

Trimming Down Vertical Blind Slats With Scissors

If you got some blinds that need trimming down. The best way to do it is with a strong pair of scissors and keep the slats towards the back of the blades as you cut it. What you want to do is lean the edge that you are not going to cut up against the baseboard and than find the one that you want to cut to as a template and put your slats up against the baseboard. Like so so that everything is the same length and than you’ll be able to trim it to the correct length. Now these two were just a tiny bit long. So I am going to be trimming these two. Right here you can see how they are just a hair long. So just going to be trimming that off with my scissors here. It’s probably better to go one at a time. This one is not too long. For our second one here. That will give you a nice straight edge.

Trimming Down Vertical Blind Slats With A Knife

Here is the procedure if you don’t have scissors handy. Be aware using scissors is much better. Now I will show you a way that you can do it after if you don’t have a pair of scissors handy. That will be to score it first with a sharp knife. Than that way it won’t spit apart on you in the wrong area. Anyway that’s the best way to trim down blind slats to get a nice straight edge. If you got a blind slat that you need to trim down what you want to do is lean it up against the wall. The end that you don’t want to cut. The end that you do want to cut what you will do is use your other blind slat as a guide. The trick to breaking these off is to score it real good on both sides. So take a sharp knife. My knife is not to sharp. Probably needs some sharpening. But anyway. What you can do is score it along the edge there on both sides. That should allow you to get a nice even break. Like so. It’s not perfect but if you try to break it without that it’ll be all jagged on the edge. So that is how to score and break off a blind slat. Again using scissors is much better.

Getting Vertical ~ Repairing Trimming Vertical Blinds

Getting Vertical ~ Repairing Vertical Blinds

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