Unclog Clogged Drains Easiest Way Video

Kung Fu Maintenance demonstrates the easiest way to unclog a bath tub drain that is slow draining stopped up and clogged.

Unclog Clogged Drains Easiest Way

OK. I got a slow draining bathtub drain. The easiest way to clear it is with one of these Zip it tools. You just insert it in the drain. Pull it out. It’s really simple. Kind of gross but it is what it is. Just need to clear all this out. Probably a good idea to wear gloves. But anyway you can see how it has already started to clear the drain.

I’m sure there is more there. So I just keep pulling all the material out here. This is the easiest way. Rather than taking everything apart or running the snake down there. You can go through the clean out if you needed to but really this is the simplest and easiest way to get it all cleared out. Anyway just take all this stuff and flush it down the toilet. Get rid of it. Get it away. Anyway you want to make sure each of the sides of the drain hole is clear. If need be you can take the toe stop out with channel locks. You usually don’t need to. You can work around it. Get it all nice and clear. That seems to be draining. That’s much better. Nice and clear. Good to go.

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