Valve For AC Refrigerant Charging Repair Video

Valve For AC Refrigerant Charging Repair Video

Kung Fu Maintenance demonstrates how to find plus stop freon refrigerant leaking air conditioner service valve leaks.

OK, I’d say I’ve got an AC low on Freon. So I’m going to be leak checking it here at the gauges before I get going, setting my sensitivity up pretty high. I think we are leaking right here. You can see the oil marks there. I’m going to lower the sensitivity down. And the question is whether it’s at the Schrader valve or just at the cap itself. It actually looks like it’s at the cap. It looks like it’s at this top cap here.

Oh yeah, you can see the marks even on the very top of the cap right here. So I’m going to show you how to repair that and then we can get this AC going. First thing, I’m going to pull off that cap here. OK. There we go. See, it’s not at the Schrader valve. I think it’s actually at the cap here. So I’m going to silence that for a minute, that’s getting pretty annoying. I’m going to show you how you can repair one of these things, OK? And a lot of times, it’s not really leaking, leaking, it’s just from the cap right here. Pull the cap off and retest it right there. Oh yeah, you can see all kinds of stuff going on there. Yeah, there it is. OK.

It’s not super bad, bad enough though. OK. What we can do for this is take some for gas Teflon tape, the yellow tape here, going to wrap it with the threads and go around the cap here. I’m just going to go like three turns here. There we go. Now, we’ll tighten down our cap real good. That’ll seal that off there. Go ahead and seal that puppy off, just got a quarter turn past tight. We’re good to go there. Now, I’ll retest that once the unit’s running and to pressure. Well, I can retest it now. OK, here we go. Now that our leak’s fixed, we can charge up the AC.

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