Vertical Blind Conversion Video

How to convert corded vertical blinds to wand controlled vertical blinds. This conversion works for vertical blinds that have the main control running through the center of the head rail.

If you have corded vertical blinds that have a centered carrier control gear running through the center of the carrier controls than the blinds can be converted. What you need is a master wand control, a wand, and about fifteen minutes free time to make the change. First loosen and take off both end caps. Next remove the gear pieces from inside the end caps (usually held in place by a keeper). Remove the inner gear workings and blind chain. Behind the blind gears opposite of the corded end you will find the cord is knotted or split weight clipped. Cut off the knots or split weights and remove the whole cord. (Watching the movie I made on this can help you better comprehend the procedure.)

Next find the keeper and make sure it is mounted in the right position just forward of what will be the very last blind. If it is in the wrong spot remove it and install it in the right spot. If the blind slats are curved the convex part should go to the back. Next install the rear end bracket. Than remove any guides in the way of the first stem control and take off the first four slats to give some working room. Next slide out the main gear a bit and some of the blind carrier controls enough for you to get your screwdriver in there.

The new master control will have a couple screws that go through it securing it to a carrier control. Remove the two screws and remove the stemless carrier control. Next slide the master wand control onto the main gear, screw holes facing towards the blinds. Next slide the first stem control up against the master control and use the two screws to link the first stem control to it. Now re-install the guides previously removed and reattach the end cap.

Attach the blind wand, reinstall your four slats and your ready to test the blinds for full rotation. If you can’t get a proper rotation you may need to move each stem over a few points. I will try to cover this better in a future video so subscribe to my Youtube channel if you want to be one of the first people to see that video (your subscribing helps support and encourage me to make more videos and write more blogs).

As I have stated many times before do take care as the blind head rail is very sharp unfinished metal and draws blood just a bit to easily. The video on Stems and Gears should help you know more accurately the way vertical blinds work.

~ I Wish You Great Success ~
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