Vertical Blind Fix When Parts Not Available

Today I’ve got a couple repairs to show you on vertical blinds going to split them into a couple videos this one I’m going to be converting to one but I’ll put that part on another video what I have to show you here is that got a broken clip and I can kind of hang something on there but it’s not really right here some of the show you what you can do if you didn’t have another clip over on this side I’ve actually got quite a bit of overlap on the wall and again I’m going to be getting rid of the chain in the cord anyways since the chords kind of a choke hazard what I’m going to do is recover the peg here from this side since it’s overlaps the wall considerably what am I do is hold this over with one finger and then pop it out like so and I want to make sure the teeth aren’t broken and there’s a little gear peace in here also I’m going to leave the gear piece in there in case we ever wanted to add another skin now on this side I’m again and hold it with one finger and pop it out and we’re going to look up in there and make sure the gear is still in there the comb gear and it is you can see that you’re there then I’m going to take my new blind piece and just snap it into place good to go anyway that’s how you can replace the blind gears and the stem and the gear inside if you need to it’s a little comb gear piece came out you can hold it in place with your peace and put it up together kind of all together and if these are out of Step you can can turn them by hand or with a pair of pliers anyway that’s how to repair blind gears and stems later that day got a flashlight video for you here today what I have is one stubborn blind gear everything turns except for this one what we going to do is replace the gear there what it has is this little comb gear right here and that one’s actually okay so we’re going to do is pop this one out now you can either pop the blind slat out so that you can pop this over but you want to examine the teeth here and make sure nothing’s broken off there and it does appear like one of the gear is one there and you can also look up at the comb to make sure that’s okay and that actually looks okay I don’t have another comb another of these stem gears with me what I’m going to do is spin this one around take it off at the blind slot and instead of putting that side in I’ll put the opposite side in first so I’ll clip it on like this and then press this into place here there we go at least now that one messed up gear is not sitting directly against the comb gear and everything does exactly what it’s supposed to do I just kind of got lucky on that one it doesn’t always work out that way if that happened to you and that one was critical for you to use what you might do is swap swapped out if you look at the other side like this one’s not covering anything on the window and just kind of over whopping the wall you might take the one stem from here instead and swap it with that one that’s a way to get through it instead of having to order a new one anyway that’s how to replace the cam gear and check for rotation make sure everything is working good and we’re all set they’re good to go.