Vertical Blind Slat Fix Quick DIY Video

Kung Fu Maintenance demonstrates a quick method you can use to get broken vertical blind slats vanes back up and blocking again.

Repairing Vertical Blind Slats

OK. If you’ve got a broken vertical blind slat and you don’t have another slat. Here is kind of a quick trick you can do.

Just to make do. Is to take a hole punch and what you are going to do is punch it twice. Twice or three times across the middle. Make a new place to hang it here. Making it nice and even and centered and than you can rehang your blind slat.

If you wanted to make it look nicer on the other end you can either use a piece of tape to cover that or you can trim it off straight with scissors but that is going to make this particular slat a little bit shorter. You can put it on the end slat so it is less noticeable. On the end of the blinds so it is less noticeable but anyway that will allow you to rehang the blind and get things back to doing what they should.

Getting Vertical ~ Repairing Vertical Blinds

Getting Vertical ~ Repairing Vertical Blinds

So now I can just rehang the vertical blind slat where it is supposed to go and there we go. All set there. Just got the little bit on the bottom but it is really not going to show too much here.

So, good to go.

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